Our friends at SMOG, had us do some character development (Modeling and Rigging) and animation for some web animated ads called “sano de lucas”, a website that helps and encourages people to have their living expenses and savings under control “sano de lucas” stands for “money healthy” in Spanish for some southamerican countries.

Modeling, Rigging and Animation were done entirely in Maya, afterwards we tested our maya to blender pipeline and shaded, lit and rendered the piece for learning purposes.


This was an overall fun project in a crazy “this should have been done for yesterday” kind of project timing… So for the first time in who knows how long we had to work on a weekend, here some pictures of us working.



And here is the final official AD we did with SMOG.



Director: Pablo González
Character Design: Pablo González
Modeling: José Tomás Morandé
Rigging: Lucas Marquez
Animation: Lucas Márquez, Luciano Muñoz.
Shading, Lighting & Rendering: Sebastián Pagueguy
Music: Clío



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