Kermato “Komunidad Kermato”


This is a very old project, it was fun altogether, we were contacted by our friends at LaManoEstudio great guys that do mainly illustration, and they wanted to bring to life some of the work that they do for a mexican client overseas... Kermato, and so we worked on this project. The credits: Project Management: Luciano Munoz Leader: [...]

Moon – Animation Excercise – Estudio Pintamonos


Our own Lucas watched this beautiful animation by Sébastien Rouxel on vimeo, he decided he had to try and remake it as an animation excercise in 3D, this way he could get a better understanding of the animation process that the artist went through. The modeling and rigging process took one day, for the biped [...]

La Feria Tottus


Nuestros amigos de la Agencia Raya, nos solicitó crear una serie de videos para su sitio web y nuestra propuesta fue en ese estilo low poly que tanto nos gusta, como es usual trabajamos con nuestro partner mexicano en el trabajo de sonido y con la genialidad de Tere Hales en la locución. [...]

Lollypopman – Series


Some lollypopMan fun, mixing 3D and 2D hand crafted animation, playing around with animation styles, smears and such, setting up different moods and rendering setups. LollypopMan – The Escape Wow! this animation was just featured at cartoon brew among a bunch of really great pieces! =) [...]

Swarovski – “Dwarves”


We were asked to design and develop this two fun Santa Helpers for a 2012 xmas interactive that was set in the heart of the Parque Arauco Mall in Las Condes, Santiago. The four little animations are activated when kids enter the active zone and they would see them selfs interacting with the little dwarfs, [...]



Short and old acting excercise that we retouched for more eyecandy, testing how to improve aesthetics with little extra modeling, texturing and compositing Character Animation, Modeling(env), lighting and compositing: Estudio Pintamonos Character Model/Rig: made by jason baskin (

Bad Bunny


New animation pieces are coming out, we’re doing more little pieces to have fun and we hope you have fun whatchin’ em too. This is one of several pieces that we’ll do, we have an other cooking and we’re thinking of a few more already! Sound by Lucas Marquez

Sculpey Dance


Este video nació por probar cosas que nunca habíamos hecho, como… animar algo bailando, después de ver referencias de baile y terminar el rigging, estaba animando y encontramos una bolsa con sculpey que tenía guardada hace años y se nos ocurrió jugar con nuestra cámara de fotos (canon t2i/550d) hicimos un video y con unas [...]