Moon – Animation Excercise – Estudio Pintamonos 2017-06-05T05:52:40+00:00

Project Description

Our own Lucas watched this beautiful animation by on vimeo, he decided he had to try and remake it as an animation excercise in 3D, this way he could get a better understanding of the animation process that the artist went through.

The modeling and rigging process took one day, for the biped rig he used advancedSkeleton_v3.86 and the ship’s rig was made by hand.

for the animation process the posing and timing was copied as best as it could, and then brought it to spline just making sure to keep the arcs as fluid as possible.

Fire and smoke were really fun to do with little geometry and animated colors in shaders.

The final render was just an occlusion + base color + wireframe all mixed together.